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TITLE I: General Provisions
2007 words
Title II: Prohibited Artificial Intelligence Practices
858 words
Title III: High-Risk AI Systems
10491 words
Title IV: Transparency Obligations For Certain AI Systems
277 words
Title V: Measures in Support of Innovation
986 words
Title VI: Governance
792 words
Title VII: EU Database for Stand-Alone High-Risk AI Systems
172 words
Title VIII: Post-Market Monitoring, Information Sharing, Market Surveillance
2920 words
Title IX: Code of Conduct
469 words
Title X: Confidentiality and Penalties
1210 words
TITLE XI: Delegation of Power and Committee Procedure
340 words
TITLE XII: Final Provisions
1534 words
Annex I: Artificial Intelligence Techniques and Approaches
62 words
Annex II: List of Union Harmonisation Legislation
1078 words
Annex III: High-Risk AI Systems Referred to in Article 6(2)
770 words
Annex IV: Technical Documentation referred to in Article 11(1)
811 words
Annex V: EU Declaration of Conformity
180 words
Annex VI: Conformity Assessment Procedure based on Internal Control
109 words
Annex VII: Conformity based on Assessment of Quality Management System and Assessment of Technical Documentation
1199 words
Annex VIII: Information to be submitted upon the Registration of High-Risk AI Systems in Accordance with Article 51
253 words
Annex IX: Union legislation ON large-scale IT systems in the area of Freedom, Security and Justice
707 words