About Us

Nice to meet you!

CLaiRK is the latest initiative of the Digital Policy Alert team. Over the first half of 2024, we aim to build a comprehensive tool that will help you navigate the rapidly changing landscape of artificial intelligence rules.

Our mission is to help policymakers, legal professionals, journalists and citizens better understand the nuances of digital regulations with unprecedented ease and accuracy.

Our Story:

Established in 2021, the Digital Policy Alert is the world's first public and independent repository of policy changes affecting the digital economy.

The Swiss-based Digital Policy Alert is an initiative of the St. Gallen Endowment for Prosperity and Trade, a neutral, non-profit organisation dedicated to increasing transparency of international trade and digital policies.

We believe that the digital economy can be better managed to produce more balanced outcomes and we are determined to play a constructive role in informing deliberations by governments, businesses, and civil society.

What We Do:

We help simplify complex legal texts into accessible and actionable insights to help you save you time, reduce compliance risks, and enhance your decision-making process. Here's how we do it
  • Search and Navigation: Our analytical tools ensure that you won't miss critical details.
  • Text Visualisation: Our chromatic highlights help compare text across multiple documents.
  • Expert Oversight: Our team verifies each regulatory development and links back to the official source.

Contact Our Team:

Johannes Fritz
Managing Director

Tommaso Giardini
Associate Director