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Analytical superpowers for legal texts

Search and Navigation

Our analytical tools ensure that you won't miss critical details.

Text Visualisation

Our chromatic highlights help compare text across multiple documents.

Summary Generation

Our chat function provides high-quality summaries with links to the full text.


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Explore any and all documents in our database

CLaiRK Chat is trained exclusively on the documents in our database. Use it as a launchpad to learn more about the details - or to compare how different rules approach the same issue.

Benefit from high-accuracy answers

We made sure that CLaiRK Chat does not deviate from the official sources. It may only use our verified and cleaned texts to generate it answers. CLaiRK Chat diligently references all its sources so you can independently verify its accuracy.

Choose conversations starters and styles

To break the ice, CLaiRK Chat offers a few popular user questions to begin your own exploration. CLaiRK Chat also comes with two distinct answering styles for general and expert audiences.